Cutting Metaphor

I’m back! Sorry for not putting anything up last week – been a bit down with personal stuff and not in the mood for making funnies. Well, trying…

Anyhoo, here’s a bit of fun with the impending doom of our nation.Hopefully I’ve managed to avoid the pitfalls of political cartooning that have been rightly lampooned by Penny Arcade, well perhaps not. The image is pure political commentary, mind you, it’s not a childish poke at the Cam-Clegg love-up (that might be, though… oops!). Also, I was going for an 80’s action poster vibe but the depiction of Clegg in a diminished, feminine role kinda rings with right wing jibes at Sally Bercow and her Speaker hubby (warning: link to Daily Mail). Layers, peeps, layers.


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