Call this a rescue?

Yup. The VOLCANO!!!

I do understand that for some people, this could be a serious problem, and it’s a nightmare for business etc but I can’t help but think some of the reaction is over the top. There was a headline on a local newspaper board yesterday screaming “VOLCANO LEAVES SWANSEA TEACHER STRANDED”. Seriously. Unless they were due to teach brain surgery to deal with a sudden spate of operations, I don’t think it’s much to worry about. If things like that weren’t irritating enough, a “rescue mission” by some bloke in a dinghy is being likened to Dunkirk. Given that most of these people being rescued are merely facing the horror of extra hotel charges, it’s a little disingenuous. In fact, the contrast between this and the way asylum seekers are treated in the media, who can be fleeing unimaginable horror makes me very sad.

Still, I like the way the comic turned out! 😉


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