Windows 7 Week

Personally, I couldn’t give a crap about whose OS does what or how much money they make out of it. I’ve barely used Vista, let alone the shiny new Windows 7 (both my own and my work PC run XP, although, my experience isn’t a lot different to the one described here). That disclaimer out of the way, I can now explain “Windows 7 Week”.

It stems from this. A stream of smug adverts that are intensely annoying (to me). In fact, my first exposure didn’t involve seeing the whole adverts. The tag line “Windows 7 was my idea” was a vague penetration into my conciousness as I wandered from the kitchen. Instantly, the advertisers intended implication that their product was born of the dreams of ordinary man was bypassed. “Way to point the finger MS!”, I thought to myself. Well … after “what a pile of s**t! …

Of course, my delusions of being a Comic Book Artiste kicked in, throwing up several options for exploit. Strangely, although I thought of them as separate gags, they can be arranged into a narrative of sorts, so instead of picking the best I’ve decided to vomit them all onto your internet plate. All being three. All not nearly matching the giddy heights of amazement that this post implies. Irony overload!