Five Things I Liked This Week

Howdy folks! (Although that’s a loose use of plural there)

I thought I’d make use of the blog type part of the site to share some stuff that I’ve seen around the internet this week. Don’t know if I’ll do it regularly but I feel like I should make more of an effort! There is no order of preference and, although some of the posts are older than last week, I’m going from when I read them. Begin!

One Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person (

This is a collection of artists that have pledged to do one thing every day for one hundred days, pretty straight forward. I came across it through the blog of W J C (which also deserves a shout out). There are 882 pledgers so far and the project is on Day 68 (or maybe 69) so there’s plenty to look at. You can also join in for the remaining days if you want.

The Chess Master and the Computer by Garry Kasparov

Not quite the library of procrastination that “One Hundred Days…” is but I thought it was interesting enough to point others at. Thanks to @tentonipete for sending it my way (or to be precise, to his followers, one of whom is me) after picking it up from @codinghorror.

Nedroid “Pop”

Nedroid is the greatest! The site’s RSS feed has betrayed me by hiding posts but I forgive.

Why Does the Gunslinger Who Draws First Always Get Shot?

Not Exactly Rocket Science is an excellent blog that covers a lot a subjects. A lot of the subjects are more highbrow than this one (yet always well presented and explained) but I was swayed by the practical aspects!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

This is on the Kitsune Noir site and has some nice designs if you want something a little different. I came across it on the blog of an artist named Matthew Lyons, who mentioned his own contribution.

So there we have it. Took me bloody ages to get this done (which is quite lame, really)  but I’m sure I’ll try it again sometime. Have no idea whether it’s of any use to anyone but I guess that’s not the point. I tried goddamit! I TRIED!!!


If there’s anything you think I’d like – stick it in the comments!


Not porn, tho. I like it, but I can find that on my own, thanks.


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