Behold, the Future!!!

Hey folks! Hope you had a good chrimbo and new year (if you celebrate such things). Just a quick update on what I hope to get done on the site in the coming months:

Things are a bit tricky at the mo as I have a couple of essays to write and work is busy. I’ve kept up with updates but not been able to do much in the way of improvements to the site. A sort of bizarre positive is I’m having a minor knee op next week and it may give me a bit of free time (if I get my essays done this week…)

There are still some bits and pieces to sort out on the site. I haven’t had much time to mess about with the archives or single post views. Hopefully I can sort that out soon. I’m also hoping to get the comments up and running properly – I disabled them because I didn’t really like the way they were displayed. I’d like to get that sorted as some feedback would be good.

Longer term, I’ll be looking at selling some bits and pieces (T-shirts and the usual). I don’t quite feel that the strips are good enough to sell prints of but hopefully I’m improving quickly enough to get there soon. If anyone has any requests I’ll see what I can do (I can be reached on the mail address “jones” at this domain.

There’s also a facebook fanpage which I need to put up a link for. Feel free to join up and show your support! I’m on twitter, too! (see the left side-bar)

Lastly, I hope to make more use of this blog bit of the site. I like typing inane nonsense, you see.

So nothing revolutionary, then (part of the irony in the site name, I guess) but hopefully the strips invoke a smile from time to time, which is the important thing.

End of Communication.



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