Disbelief Unsuspended

As awesome as Mass Effect 2 is (that’s why I’m playing through it again!), there’s a touch of incongruity between what goes on in the dialogue bits and what transpires on the field of battle. Still love it, though. Also, squad AI’s are pretty much the same all over, and are the only thing these days that can make me rage quit. Actually, bringing it full circle, the characters in Gears of War can make me rage quit just by talking in the cut scenes…


Interviewer Vs Interviewer

A rather irksome habit that interviewers seem to have, particularly on news and politics programmes.


Dressed for Shopping

Busy supermarkets are among my least favourite places in the world. Instead of a shining example of modern convenience, I get a showcase of some of the worst human traits, made all the more irritating by them being ultimately benign. Buildings packed with shuffling creatures, utterly oblivious to the world around them, selfish, ignorant and, of all things, just plain rude! (gasp)

For every pound I spend, I pick up ten misanthropy points.

Hence the suit. If I’m going to negotiate an assault course of veering trolleys, careening children and dastardly queue cutters, I want to be doing it at 200mph; backflipping, bullet-timing and powersliding down every aisle.

Rant over! Really enjoyed Vanquish by the way. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking it up…


The Right to Bear Arms

Fnar, fnar etc.

This is actually derived from my shamefully facetious contribution to a debate on gun control being held on my cousin’s facebook page. Mine was the only *joke*.

Also, please note: the bears depicted are, like, robo-bears, or magic ones, or something. Waving bear carcasses about would probably something the NRA would go for.


The Michael Jackson Experience

This has been the chief family occupation over christmas. Most of the collisions seem to be accidental…

PS if you were looking for jokes about child abuse, sorry to disappoint 😉


Christmas Delays

Apologies but I forgot to pack my ink when I headed to my folks’ for Christmas. I’ll hopefully get a comic up later today!


Merry Xmas!

It’s a little early but that’s the way the cookie (schedule) has crumbled.

Merry Christmas!!!


What You Were All Thinking…

Due to the frequency of Friends repeats on E4, this Mars Planets fantasy is envisioned by me around 30 times a week. It’s not healthy but I can’t be alone in despising the ads. I’d go as far as to say, the traffic warden that they refuse is probably too good for them. Yes, I went there.